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Bernd was killed during a world speed record attempt on the Autobahn between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, on January 28th 1938.
Competing for the record on the same day against Rudolf Caracciola, the Mercedes driver went first and set a new record of 432 km/h (268 mph) in the early hours of the day. Rosemeyer went out next in his Auto Union Streamliner despite report that the wind was picking up. After two preliminary runs he was on his third and final attempt at 11:47am when the car was probably caught by a gust of wind or an unforeseen aerodynamic effect and skidded to the left and then to the right and off the road. Rosemeyer was thrown out of the car that was somersaulting through the air, and died at the roadside.

Fatal Record Attempt
Today, there is a monument south of the Bundesautobahn 5 exit of Langen/Mörfelden, roughly where his car left the road due to wind gusts. On the south-bound exit of a rest area on the western lane, named Bernd-Rosemeyer-Parkplatz, a sign indicates that the Bernd-Rosemeyer-Denkmal is 70 meters away. It used to be hidden in bushes which are removed now, and is apparently visited frequently as a foot path, or foot prints in snow, lead there.
49°58′25″N, 8°36′11″E
There is also a bronze memorial situated next to the entrance to the Donington Park Museum in Leicestershire.
Bernd Rosemeyer is buried in the Waldfriedhof Dahlem on Hütten Weg in Berlin.

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