Thursday, October 18, 2007

Utah House of Representatives
The Utah House of Representatives is the lower body of the Utah State Legislature.

Make-up of the House of Representatives
Further information: 57th Utah State Legislature and List of Utah State Legislatures

Further information: Utah Republican Party

Majority Leader: Dave Clark (R-74)
Majority Whip: Gordon Snow (R-54)
Assistant Majority Whip: Brad Dee (R-11)
House Rules Committee Chair: Stephen H. Urquhart (R-75) Majority Leadership
Further information: Utah Democratic Party

Minority Leader: Ralph Becker (D-24)
Minority Whip: Brad King (D-69)
Assistant Minority Whip: Carol Spackman Moss (D-37)
Minority Caucus Manager: David Litvack (D-26) Current Members

Utah State Senate
List of Utah State Legislatures
Utah Republican Party
Utah Democratic Party

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