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The "Ø" (minuscule: "ø"), is a vowel and a letter used in the Danish, Faroese and Norwegian alphabets. The vowel is not to be confused with the slashed zero.


The Turkish, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Tatar, Finnish, Swedish, Icelandic, German, Estonian, and Hungarian alphabets use the letter "Ö" instead of Ø.
In Danish (and Riksmål Norwegian) spelling, ø is also a word and means "island".
Ø is a place in Denmark.
The symbol "ø" is used in the International Phonetic Alphabet to indicate the sound of the Danish and Norwegian letter, the close-mid front rounded vowel.
Although it never appears elsewhere, the letter Ø-with-umlaut is used by the Danish and Swedish national railways in pictograms marking trains crossing the Øresund (da)/Öresund (sv) Bridge between the nations.
The ø is used in the fictional language Bork Bork Bork.
There are examples in typesetting of ø being confused with the Greek φ.
The Cyrillic alphabet has "Ө" as the equivalent letter, which are used in the Cyrillic alphabets for Kazakh, Mongolian, Azerbaijani etc.
In linguistics, the symbol is used to refer to the linguistic zero. History

For computers, when using the ISO 8859-1 or Unicode sets, the codes for 'Ø' and 'ø' are respectively 216 and 248, or in hexadecimal D8 and F8.
In the TeX typesetting system, the letter is produced by o
On the Apple Macintosh operating system it can by typed by pressing the [Option] key then typing O or o, while using U.S. keyboard.
On Microsoft Windows, using the "United States-International" keyboard setting, it can be typed by holding down the [Alt] key and pressing "L". It can also be typed under any keyboard setting by holding down the [Alt] key while typing 0216 or 0248 on the numeric keypad, provided the system uses code page 1252 as system default.
The Unicode letter name is "Latin capital/small letter O with stroke".
In HTML character entity references, needed in cases where the letter is not available by ordinary coding, the codes are Ø and ø.
In the X Window System environment, one can produce these characters by pressing Alt-Gr and o or O, or by pressing the Multi key followed with a slash and then o or O.
In some systems, such as older versions of MS-DOS, the letter Ø is not part of the default codepage. In Scandinavian codepages, Ø replaces the yen sign (¥) at 165, and ø replaces the ¢ sign at 162. On computers

The symbol "Ø" is also used in mathematics to refer to the empty set, following Bourbaki. Ø Mathematics

ØØ Void is an album by the Seattle-based drone doom metal band Sunn O))).
"Ø" is the name of a Finnish experimental Intelligent Dance Music artist, also known as Mika Vainio.
American post hardcore band Underøath uses the ø on some writings of their name, and as a logo to represent themselves.
Bløf is a Dutch pop band. Other uses

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