Thursday, September 13, 2007

Linux Journal
Linux Journal is a monthly magazine published by Belltown Media, Inc. of Houston, Texas. The magazine has been published since March 1994.
Linux Journal publishes articles on all levels of developing and using Linux and the software that runs on it, including everything from how to write device drivers to how to edit photos with GIMP.
Most articles are fairly technical, however, Linux Journal does run some user-level and business articles in every issue, and sections called "Up Front" and "EOF" tend to be less technical. Linux Journal's web site has the entire magazine archive available to subscribers along with articles from older issues and some online-only content available to all.
The current Editor in Chief of Linux Journal is Nicholas Petreley.
Doc Searls, Senior Editor, is one of Linux Journal's most well-known writers. Doc has written for Linux Journal since early in its history.

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