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Lou Andreas-Salomé (née Louise von Salomé) (February 12, 1861February 5, 1937) was a Russian-born psychoanalyst and author. Her diverse intellectual interests led to friendships with a broad array of distinguished western luminaries, including Nietzsche, Wagner, Freud, and Rilke.

Born in St. Petersburg to an army general and his wife, Salomé was their only daughter; she had five brothers. Seeking an education beyond a typical woman's station of that time and place, when she was seventeen Salomé persuaded the Dutch preacher Hendrik Gillot, twenty-five years her senior, to teach her theology, philosophy, world religions, and French and German literature. Gillot became so smitten with Salomé that he planned to divorce his wife and marry her and Salomé and her mother fled to Zurich, so she could acquire a university education. The journey was also intended to be beneficial for Salomé's physical health; she was coughing up blood at this time.

Rée, Nietzsche and later life
Salomé and Rée moved to Berlin and lived together until a few years before her celibate marriage

Lou Andreas-Salome Work

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